Diamond Candy No. 1 Double Celebration Edition

To celebrate the resounding success of Diamond Candy, which has snatched the top spot on Taiwan's most prestigious charts - G-music and 5-music for 3 consecutive weeks, Gold Typhoon is releasing the "Diamond Candy No.1 Double Celebration Edition" on 6 Nov.

The special edition will comprise of a 2CD package, with the 2nd CD being a collection of remixes of Elva's past hits, plus a new single "WOW", which is specially recorded with Show Luo for her 2010 WOW Concert tour.

1. WOW feat.罗志祥
2. 闪闪惹人爱 Break BeatRemix By DJ Z
3. 不爱请闪开 Trance Remix Remix By DJ Z
4. 没有人 Spanish Version Remix By Novade DC
5. 我爱你那麼多 Just Chill Out Remix By Novade DC
6. 甩啦 甩啦 Salsa Hot Mix Remix By DJ Moolades
7. More More More Techno Remix Remix By DJ Z
8. 最熟悉的陌生人 Urban Beat Remix By Novade DC

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