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Another highlight of my music career – A-mei and Elva ~ WOW!!
I told you I would wow you guys in my concert on 31/12/09.
To dance and sing with A-mei, isn’t it high?
To tell you the truth, I was wowing at home too. Haha.
Because I was simply too happy.

WOW concert is also another milestone of my life.
A recap of my past ten years, the journey we have been through.
Looking at my pubescent look, to the now very “open” Miss Hsiao!
It’s like a beautiful fireworks, embedded in all our hearts.
I am very excited to usher in the first day of 2010 with all of you!
Thinking about it makes me extremely thrilled! Haha.
So… my babies, no matter who you are,
Will you join me for the countdown at the arena?
I will be waiting for you!!! xoxo

So sweet!
Do you want the cake or me?

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