Blog: Iron Elva!

Good job! Dancers and teachers!
To prepare for the WOW concert on New Year’s Eve.
We’ve began rehearsing since October.
This time, we have invited LUMA to re-choreograph my past dances.
LUMA has this natural rhythm in her, not only is she great in choreography,
she is also very particular about every move.
Even a small move of a shoulder has to be practised over and over again.
After the rehearsal, I have developed iron legs, shoulders and neck~~
Paying attention to LUMA
All I can say is that the dances for the concert are spectacular, even I’m shocked. Haha.
Team photo - rock style
A goodbye hug - I will practise hard!
Besides the stunning dances,
There will be many surprises, like the white snowflakes,
Which turns the Arena into New York’s Times Square.
And we have bought all the ribbons shooters in Taiwan.
Because I want all of you to be surrounded by ribbons and confetti
and be drown in the mood of the New Year.
Aiya, I can’t reveal much. It’s a surprise afterall.
Trust me it will be WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW
Let’s countdown to 2010 together!! xoxo
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