Blog: I'll Be Back

I'm greeted by the snowy weather in Beijing

12 days of promotion in China whizzed passed just like that.
Too many places, too little time.
5 o’clock, the sun is not even up and I’m catching my flight back to Taipei.
Sitting in the car, I stared at the sky, the moon is still high up in the sky.
How come the sun cannot wait to rise too?
If only a teleportation door exist,
Then I could meet my fans anytime I want.
Just open a door, and there I am. Isn’t it great?
Thanks for the company these past 12 days.
Thanks for your support, no matter rain or shine.
Seeing you guys waiting for me through the chilling night,
Just to catch a glimpse of me,
I really like to thank you guys.
I guessed I must have done great deeds in my past life,
To deserve your love!
Thank you all. I will miss you!!
Let me return to Taipei first, see you guys!!
Love love love, xoxo
Wait for me, I'll be back!
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