Blog: 10th Aniversary~ Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th anniversary! Yeah!
Wow from 17 Nov 99 to 17 Nov 09, it has been ten years!
Time flies, and I only realise it when a reporter asked me about it during an event in Beijing.
Every moment is clearly etched in my mind.
The first autograph session at Ximending at night, it was still raining.
The first time I signed an autograph, I forgot how to do it ~ :P
The first time I attended Matilda’s “Entertainment News”, I did not know which camera to look at.
Thinking about those ignorant times makes me feel so embarrassed! Haha…
The first time my fans celebrated my birthday in the stadium~
The first time I held a concert, the rain was pouring, but all of you stayed on to support me…
So many images~~~
It feels like everything happened yesterday, in a blink of an eye it has been ten years.
Emotions are running wild, but the feeling is great!
Although this ten-year journey is filled with ups and downs,
I have matured a lot too.
You are my love forever! Muah~!
I would like thank all of you for staying by me.
Because of you I have the courage to face anything that comes by.
I became stronger because of your love!
You are my sunshine, my air , flower and water!
We have many more ten- years to go!
Let’s fight on!! Luv xoxo~~

Happy 10th anniversary!! Yeah~~
Thanks for loving Gemi and I!

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