One Day on the High Speed Rail

It's raining in Taipei again because of the typhoon
Let's hope that the rain would stop,
and pray for no natural disaster in Taiwan!

As someone who attracts rain easily,
I'm really afraid you guys would be drenched.
Luckily, the weather's been good at the past few autograph sessions.
Elva fans, your enthusiasm is as warm as the weather!

I haven't been able to walk around because of work,
so I can only make use of the time travelling in the High Speed Rail to admire the scenery
I was having so much fun I posed as a station master,
and warned passengers not to cross the line.
If the High Speed Rail needs to film any promotional video,
you know who to look for! Hahaha

My album will be released this week,
I'm so excited and full of anticipation.
Your support is my motivation.
So promise me for the next autograph sessions,
you have to be there!! xoxo

Hello, anybody there?
Posing as station master
Please do not cross the line!

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