Elva Injures Herself Again!

For the filming of the 4th music video, Goodbye Bye Bye, from her 10th album, Diamond Candy, Elva wore heels to perform her dance number, her first in 7 years! But she sprained her neck instead of her leg while tossing her head and her assistant, who had worked as a masseur previously, massaged her neck to relieve the pain, “Why do I have to torture myself!” she screamed.
Previously, Elva’s ex-boyfriend Lee An Zuo appeared in her “Confession” music video. This time, a blonde Caucasian model was invited to star in her latest music video. Wearing only a singlet and a pair of shorts, the model had to raise dumbbells while Elva was a female army officer dancing against him to deliver the message that women are no pushovers.
Singing the lyrics “If you don’t love me please move away, don’t fool around like a kid” (不爱我请闪开,不要耍赖像个小孩), emotions started taking over as Elva was nursing a broken heart, “Why must it that every guy has to act cool while girls have to act cute? Not every girl is Lin Chi Ling” says Elva.
As for the her outfit, Elva forked out more than NT$100,000 to purchase the this season’s latest blazer, matching it with a pair of torn pants and shirt to create a “beggar” look!
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