Elva Dances with Show for Concert Video

Elva was at Taipei Huashan Culture Park with Show Luo to film a video for her “2010 Hennessy Music ELVA WOW World Concert Tour”, showing off their slick dance moves, “To portray the feeling of us challenging each other, the director arranged us to dance in front of 12 different-coloured sports car, along with 12 other dancers. The effect is similar to that in the movie ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’,” she explained.
Although the video will only last for two minutes, Elva and Show wore tailored outfits and other special arrangements like car and space rental amounted to more than NT$2m! Elva’s silver hoodie is specially made by renowned U.S. designer Brian Lichtenberg, who has worked with Beyonce, Ciara and Lady Gaga. “Everyone must be thinking: ‘why do we spend so much time and money on a two minute video’, but to leave a good memory for everyone on New Year’s Eve, I believe it is necessary, which is the reason our budget has exceeded NT$80m already!” she laughed.
The pop diva has previously worked with Show on his “Show Your Dance” album, singing the duet “Defeated by You”. This time, Show returned the favour by recording the video with her. Many fans have wished that they could perform together during the concert, and even started a poll on Gold Typhoon’s forum to vote for the special guest that they would like to see in Elva’s concert. “For now, the nominees are A-mei, Stefanie, Jolin, David Tao, Lee Hom, and my best pal Yang Jin Hua!” she said.
Many people were curious why there was no sparks between Show and Elva after collaborating numerous times, Show replied: “Because the times we spent together were so short. If there has to be any sparks, we need to spend at least a week together.” When asked who he thinks is a better dancer between Jolin and Elva, Show replied: “Elva had lived abroad, so her movements and dancing style are more westernized. As for Jolin, she has worked hard to become such a great dancer now!”

Watch the video of their recording here!

Source: Gold Typhoon and Tungstar

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