Elva Brings You to New York Times Square!

Elva’s 10th album, Diamond Candy, and her 2010 WOW Concert World Tour have delivered exceptional results, which is attributed partly to her creative contributions. “I want everyone to experience the feeling of being surrounded by confetti and ribbons,” she revealed. Previously, she said that there would be a 5cm thick layer of snow on stage, so that the audience can experience counting down at New York’s Times Square.

At the promotional photo shoot for her concert tour, her co-workers ecstatically threw ribbons all over the studio, almost hitting Elva with a huge roll of ribbons, “Could you all contain your excitement till the concert?” she screamed.

The 2010 WOW Concert World Tour costs NT$80m to produce, with special effects created from 800 ribbon launchers. “Usually only 8 to 16 ribbon launchers were used during concerts, but to drown my fans in the countdown mood, we have ordered every ribbon launchers available in Taiwan. And for this 1 minute effect, it costs NT$3m!” Elva explained. She further revealed that there would be a close interaction with those seated on the 3rd level, “I assure you that we will be only 1 metre apart!”

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