Elva Bedazzles Her Photographers

Elva’s 10th studio album, Diamond Candy, will be released on 9 October and photoshoot for the album began on Tuesday (29/9/09). The shoot was completed within eight hours, with Elva taking photos that revolve around the theme of the songs from her album.

For the photos of her first single, “Shining Love”, Elva stitched her dress with 188 shining badges, which were part of her album’s pre-order gift. The dress is so shiny it almost blinded the photographer. “Previously, 11 photographers were blinded by the spotlights for the shoot of “Shining Love” music video, now this photographer is blinded by me?” she joked.

The specially made dress gave Elva much confidence during the photoshoot, “It feels like I’m in a club or filming the music video. It feels so posh and I can’t wait to dance! My co-workers even used the shining badges to create the letter “G” on Gemini’s shirt, but I changed the design to a lightning sign. Because Gemini is not only my boyfriend today, he is also the shiniest boy!” However the lights took a toll on Gemini small frame, as he trembled non-stop in the arms of Elva.

“I hope that my fans would wear the shining diamond badges to support me at the meet-the-fans sessions.”

Since pre-order for “Diamond Candy” started on 25 September, sales have reached more than 300,000 in Asia, and Elva has confirmed three new commercials, which will be announced in the near future!

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