Blog: Slacking at Work

The only time I get to take a breather during my hectic schedule
is when I'm waiting for something.
Having a donut turns my stress into a dessert,
after digestion, it becomes my motivation~haha :P
No wonder some people say eating is a stress reliever.

Coffee's out. Orange juice in.
Busy twittering
I'm not having much sleep, so this is what happens
All dolled up and ready
Stress, I will eat you up!
I've been flying around these two days,
to Zhengzhou this week for a performance.
It's nice to see all of my fans after so long.
Your enthusiasm gives more punch to my performance!
I will be heading to China at the end of the month for my album promotion.
I'm really excited to meet you guys.
See you there!!! xoxo

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