Elva's New Hairdo for New Album!

Elva's 9th album will be released in this October! After last year's 3-faced Elva, Golden Typhoon spent NT1,000,000 to engage the service of five top stylists to create Elva's exclusive look for her upcoming album.
The five top fashion stylists include previously collaborated Thomas Chen and Guo Hui Fang, as well as Lucy/David Lai. Each stylist took at least 5 days and nights to produce Elva's outfits! Elva even spent 2 days for her dress-fitting, she said: "Thanks to the stylists for giving me a brand new look.As the image for this album focuses on haute couture, they even had to kneel down in front of me to sew the accessories onto the dress. I felt so bad watching them knelt for at least 4 hours!"
For the first time since her debut in 1999, Elva sports a brand new short cropped hairdo! Looks like Elva fans will be in for a visual treat this coming October!

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