Elva is Frank About Her Relationship

Putting her last relationship behind her, Elva is all set and ready for the release of her latest album, Diamond Candy, which will have 4 out of 5 singles being dance numbers. "I'm ready to bring happiness to everyone," she told her fans.

One of her self-penned single, titled "Frankness", is about her feelings during her estranged relationship with Lee An Zuo. She said that the relationship began going down the drain when she called him one night, only to hear him calling another woman's name. After all the quarrels over several nights, she spent three hours to finish the lyrics. While recording the song, Elva could not control her tears and producer Lee Wei Song did not stop her so that he could capture her real feelings.

As the album release date draws near, Elva pulls herself together, especially after Typhoon Morakot, she decided to bring happiness to everyone. Then first few singles will be dance numbers and the first single "Shining Love" will debut on 21/09/09 on Hito Radio at 10p.m. local time.

As for her image, besides her rainbow coloured eye shadow, NT$100,000 was spent to create her candy dress. As the candy dress is fragile, the stylist was extremely careful, using 100 candy wrappers to create the 200 candy flowers on the dress.

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