Elva Films Shining Love Music Video

Elva began shooting for the music video of Shining Love (闪闪惹人爱), the first single from her latest album, Diamond Candy, due out in 9 October.
Wearing a shimmering “ninja” suit, which costs NT$300,000, Elva danced the night away for more than eight hours under the scorching hot spotlights.
To epitomize the “shining” spirit of the song, Elva’s suit is fully hand-made from head to toe to create the shimmering effect. “We have to wear sunglasses to know where she’s standing!” her co-workers joked. Elva revealed that her dancers’ costumes were very hip and creative, “They look like ninjas!” she laughed.
During the recording, she showed off her navel ring, which she had secretly made at 18. She said that it was only until when she was 20 that her mum saw her navel ring in “Cappuccino” music video. Her mum warned that if she ever has a tattoo she would break off their relationship.
Talking more her album, Elva said: “’Frankness’ and ‘Shining Love’ talk about my feelings. I shared my thoughts with my fans through the lyrics of ‘Frankness’. As for ‘Shining Love’, although I did not pen the lyrics, it expresses my state of mind now!”

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