Elva Countdowns 1288888 Seconds to Diamond Candy

Pre-order for Elva’s 10th studio album, Diamond Candy, has officially begun on 25 September! To promote her latest album , Elva was at Taiwan’s Civic Boulevard to officiate the unveiling of the “Diamond Landmark”, which starts the countdown to her album release on 9 October.

Having heard that the landmark was vandalized before the event, Elva was shocked, “How did it happened? I was all prepared to see this diamond landmark!” She could not believe it when she heard the news and was stunned for a few minutes during an interview.
She was also concerned for her fans, who had spent the night over at the event area, “I’m sorry to kept all of them waiting overnight, and I would like to thank my co-workers for working through the night to set up the landmark. I’m very happy and I hope this landmark would appear in everyone’s photos!”
Under the guidance of a fengshui master, Elva’s record company, Gold Typhoon, specially chose to unveil the landmark at 1810hrs at Taipei’s Breeze Centre, counting down 1288888 seconds to the release of “Diamond Candy”. As the number 8 is an auspicious number in the Chinese culture, Gold Typhoon hoped that it will bring great fortune to Elva.
Gold Typhoon reportedly forked out NT$1m to book the event area and to construct the landmark. Measuring 4 metres high, the giant diamond landmark symbolizes the return of the shiniest and most fashionable Elva. A convertible was also specially rented to chauffeur Elva to the event. “I felt like I was in Europe taking a spin! Because the lyrics of my 1st single “Shining Love” wrote about having a convertible is like having a top-class date, my record company found a limited edition convertible to make me fall in “Shining Love”!
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