Diamond Candy Pre-Order Sales Passed 20,000

Elva’s 10th studio album, Diamond Candy, will be released on 9 October, and pre-order sales have passed 20,000 copies!
Holding her first pre-order autograph yesterday at Taipei’s Ximending, her record company, Gold Typhoon specially ordered a golden candy that costs NT$20,000 to celebrate the occasion. Also, a lollipop with Elva’s dog, Gemini’s picture printed on it was given to her, “The pastry chef drew such a cute picture of Gemini, I couldn’t bear to eat it!”

Clad in her shiny promotion outfit, Elva performed her latest single, “Shining Love”, with her six dancers. She said that the dance is easy to pick up, and Gold Typhoon believed that it will be a dance that everyone will start to learn, just like the dance moves of “Sorry Sorry”, the hit single from Korea pop group Super Junior.
The host also highlighted that her name was capitalized for this album, to symbolize that she had grown from a “young” pop diva to huge pop sensation in Asia.
On the topic of candies, Elva said, “I don’t like guys who stick to me like bubble gum, I like guys who give me some breathing space! Next time when I get married I would treat everyone wedding candies, but for now I hope everybody would find their love ones after eating the “shining love” candies!”

Source: Tungstar

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