Elva to Hold Concert and Release Album this Summer

Elva attended a promotional event organized by Rexona in Shanghai on Sunday. Looking refreshed, she revealed that her latest album will be released later this summer. She also commended Jolin’s amazing ballet dance moves in her latest album, “Butterfly” and hoped that everyone will support this great album.
It has been almost a year since the release of her last album, “3-faced Elva”, Elva assured all her fans that they do not have to wait much longer as her next album will be out in summer this year, and would not be later than the end of the year. With the release of her album, she will also be holding her concert tour. With regard to the overall music direction of the album, Elva said that everything is still in preparation so she could not give further details, but it definitely will not disappoint her fans.
Jolin’s latest album and music video featured her ballet dance moves, and Elva really loved what she saw: “I’ve seen her performance. I feel that she’s really hardworking and amazing because its not easy to do all these (dance moves). I hope that everyone can support this great album.”
Elva is Rexona’s spokesperson in China, and her appearance was to promote Rexona’s range of deodorant. Before arriving at the media conference, she specially visited the train station in Shanghai and was surprised by the sheer number of people: “Although I’ve expected that, seeing the actual crowd made me feel very surprised.”
Before leaving, she promised her fans that she will be holding a meet-the-fans session in July, and the venue will be fully decided by her fans.

Photos: Tungstar

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