An Adventure with Elva and Gucci

Gucci is bringing everyone to an adventure this spring/summer, using lots of nature's pattern in their latest collection. In particular, one dress with a style of hunting struck a chord with Elva: "I love the adventurous feeling in Gucci's collection this season."

One would thought that female artistes are pretty meticulous with their stylist. However, Elva prefers to be casual and comfortable: "Normally I will just take any clothes and wear it whenever I'm going out, so I bought a lot of T-shirts and I do not have to be think about what to wear." When it's time for work, wearing the wrong clothes can make her pretty uncomfortable: "I would not regret about what I wore usually, but I will be when it's time for work."
New Adventure is the theme of Gucci this spring/summer, and it is Elva's favourite style. Looking at a hunting-inspired dress, her eyes lightened up: "It's very nice, just like my clothes." Wearing a chiffon dress and platform shoes made Elva looked both sexy and sultry.

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