Elva Ends Management Contract with One Leader

Elva has officially ended her management contract with One Leader Entertainment Pte Ltd. This means that her upcoming concert will be canceled.

According to official source, Elva ended her contract with her manager, Chen Xiang Jun (陈香君) prematurely last December on an amicable note. However, because the concert organiser had signed a contract with Chen, the cessation of Chen as Elva's manager ultimately voided the contract.

Elva's relationship with Chen began in 2004, when she had left Virgin Music and did not want to be tied to an international company. Therefore, she chose Chen to be her new manager and Chen started One Leader to take care of Elva's career.

In 2008, Chen believe that Elva would need more resources than she can offer her. Hence, they agreed to end their contract. But this would mean that her concert plans will come to a halt and planning costs of NT$200,000 will go down the drain.

With regard to the news, Chen said: "I've completed my job." whereas Elva responded with a tinge of sadness: "I'm not sad because the concert is cancelled. I'm sad because I can no longer work with my Xiang Jun. All good things must come to an end, and I will always look upon her as my sister." As for which management company will she be signing onto, she has no comments at the moment.

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