Elva Ushers in Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year approaches, Elva visited the Chinese New Year market for the first time, with no shopping list on hand, looking a little clueless. She revealed that her grandma takes care of the reunion dinner every year, but ever since she had a stroke, her family has been eating out. This year, she is in charge of buying the Chinese New Year stuff, as she walked along the street, she felt helpless suddenly, "I'm flabbergasted."
She headed towards a stall selling mullet roe, but she did not know how to choose one after standing there for quite a while. She admitted that she seldom cooks, learning how to cook fried rice from her pal Michelle only last year. When asked about her must-have food for New Year, she recommended nougat. Once she even fell asleep with a nougat still in her mouth!

Since young, Elva has followed her family traditions. Besides changing into a fresh new set of clothes after bathing on New Year's eve, her mum also insisted that she wears red underwear to bring good fortune. Elva commented on the effect of the red underwear, "My mum's career is not bad, she's earning money every year!"

When the clock strikes twelve at midnight, Elva and her mum would open all the windows in their house and express their New Year well wishes at the top of their voice to welcome the God of Fortune into their house. Aren't they afraid that their neighbours would complain? "I don't care. It's a tradition and it's for our own good."

After ushering the New Year with her mum, Elva will be spending her time watching U.S. dramas and she plans to learn how to play mahjong. "If I learn now, I would not be senile in the future!" she joked.

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