Elva Learns How to Cook Fried Rice

Elva was out and about in Vancouver recently and her best pal Michelle, 5-months pregnant, was with her sister to accompany Elva as they totally re-enacted the typical Sex and the City scene - shopping. Elva took almost 4 hours to choose a pair of shoes and Michelle could only look at Elva while she was shopping happily.

Returning to her alma mater, Elva had a great time catching up good old times with Michelle. Seeing that Michelle managed to whip up a delicious plate of fried rice from leftovers, Elva was impressed and took some tips from Michelle, who told her to use overnight rice to enhance the taste of the fried rice. Lately, when Elva told her assistant to keep the leftover food, her assistant was stunned, but Elva explained that she had wanted to use it for her attempt at cooking fried rice.

However when Elva brought the leftover food home, she forgot about it! Her friends made fun of her but she did not mind the joke. She said that she would try cooking fried rice one of these days. Even though she might not do as well as Michelle, she would try her best.

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