10 Years of Us

This time my performance
brought back good old memories when I was young.
At the place where I used to study,
it has been a long time I felt so relaxed.
Eating, laughing
and chatting till the roof almost collapses!

I really love my two sisters!
Your warmth made me open up.
I can't stop talking about what happened during the past 10 years.
Indeed we went back to 10 years ago!
Sitting on the high-legged stools,
just the 3 of us,
suddenly we became who we were 10 years ago!
How I wish this feeling of homecoming could last forever.
I really love all of you!

10 years ago, how crazy we were...
10 years later, we are still crazy... in our hearts.

I love my girls, my sis. Our friendship goes a long way.
No matter how distant we were, we still care for each other.
The phrase "as close as sisters" could totally describe us.

Before the performance mimi pretended to be a paparazzo snapping in the bathroom openly (my red clips are still on my head!)

10 years later, we still look good!

Mimi and I in front of the gas town clock

Dakota and Sydney living peacefully

I used snacks to lure Dakota into the cage, later I found out Sydney was watching from behind.

In front of the gate of my best pal's house

Streets of Vancouver

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