Wudang Mountain Here I Come!

I was invited to attend the 3rd International Wushu Festival in Wudang Mountain.
Actually I was super happy!
All kinds of martial arts images flashed passed my eyes.
On the day itself,
I got a chance to fulfill my dream
by sleeping soundly al the way.
Xiang Jun captured my various moves in my sleep.

To prepare for the fight in my dreams, you need to prepare pillows, jacket and scarf.
Here I come!
Watch it!
Watch it again!

On 29 Oct we flew from Shanghai to Wuhan.
After 4 hours of travel by car, we arrived at Wudang at around 3p.m..
We began dressing up.
After the performance at 8p.m.,
we took a car to Wuhan at 8:30p.m.
Because it was dark and raining,
the road is very foggy.
We finally reached Wuhan at 3a.m.
after a 6-hour car ride.
At the hotel,
we saw many fans.
I heard that they specially travelled from Wudang Mountain to Wuhan.
I'm so touched by them.
I will always remember the effort that Elva fans had put in.
Thank you!

At this year's 3rd International Wushu Festival,
many marital artists gathered in Wudang Mountain.
The previous 2 festivals were held at Shaolin Temple.
This year, Shaolin, Wudang and Er Mei Mountain were vying to be the organiser.
Eventually, the honour goes to Wudang Mountain.
Wudang Mountain here I come!
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