Elva Drowning Her Sorrows?

One of the Apple Daily's reporters spotted Elva Hsiao at the Breeze Center’s supermarket, where the 28-year-old singer was looking for a bottle of wine. Since Hsiao appeared “melancholic” and was lingering in the alcohol section, she obviously intended to drown her sorrows over male heartthrob model Leandro, who got “snatched” out of her arms by model Liu Zhen.
Hsiao’s agent insists that Leandro is “just a friend” and Hsiao has plenty of prospective beaus lined up at the door — she just “hasn’t made her decision” yet. As for the wine, Hsiao and her mother regularly enjoy a nightcap. And who doesn’t? The photos accompanying the Apple Daily article are worthy of mention for the play-by-play captions that would make any stalker proud.
8:43pm: The store manager shows Hsiao a bottle of wine. 8:45pm: Hsiao is pictured with her brother, and she’s using a credit card to buy a bottle of red wine, which costs NT$2,100. 8:52pm: She’s in the Fendi store. She’s been looking at bags for what seems like an eternity. But in the end, she didn’t buy one.

Source: Taipei Times

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