That's the private side of Taiwanese songbird who also exudes sexiness & a feisty temperament

By Sheela Narayanan, The New Paper
September 21, 2008

She said she wanted her fans to see the real her. That's why Elva Hsiao called her latest album 3-Faced Elva. They show three different aspects of her personality - sincere, independent and brave.

'With this album, I wanted them to see the inner me, not the superstar singer that they usually see,' said the 29-year-old Taiwanese songbird. Elva is in town this weekend to promote her album and will be performing at a music showcase tonight and an autograph session tomorrow afternoon at Junction 8 in Bishan. While the gorgeous singer may want to show just these aspects of herself to her fans, The New Paper believes there is a lot more to her than that.


After that recent concert in Taichung, Taiwan, forget about portraying her as giggly, girly and cute. Hot might be more appropriate. Elva showed a lot more than snazzy moves and killer vocals with her multiple costume changes that displayed her cleavage, lean legs and slim curves to maximum effect. At yesterday's press conference at K Union at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Elva wore a BCBG off-the-shoulder lime green baby doll dress that showed off her three-inch-stilettoed legs.

Homely Elva

It induced one fan, Andy Ng, to whisper reverently: 'Oh she is perfect.' When The New Paper asked her about this racy new image that she introduced at the concert, she claimed she was a little uncomfortable with it. 'The stylist picked the outfits. I was not sure about it. 'I was worried about things popping out unexpectedly especially during the dance moves,' she said with a wry smile.


Of course the chanteuse has a dark side. One of her album producers, Yao Chien, told Lianhe Zaobao in a recent interview that Elva could be stubborn in the recording studio and has thrown a tantrum or two. But Elva told The New Paper she had been emotional because that was what the producer wanted. 'They always want some emotion - that crying tone, for the ballads,' she said. But she admits she has her dark moments when she feels extremely negative. 'When I am hormonal, all I want to do is be quiet and withdraw.'

And beware - Elva has the capability to lash out if provoked. 'It depends on who is provoking me at the time,' she said. Calling her jinxed would be one way to raise her hackles.

The New Paper asked her about her runs of bad luck in the last three years which she said were firmly behind her. Her album 1087 with Warner Music was delayed due to huge staff movements in the company in 2005. When she finally released her album in December 2006, she tore a ligament in her left leg, which halted album promotions for three months while she recovered. Last year, Elva was named in a celebrity junkie expose, which involved actress Suzanne Hsiao, who reportedly tested positive for cocaine. She refuted the reports of her involvement and got an apology from a China publication.

And earlier this year, she was named as one of the 14 female stars in the Edison Chen sex photo scandal. Elva issued a press statement offering to donate NT100 million ($4.5 million) to charity if anyone produced any photos of her. She also made an oath before the Taiwanese media to prove she was not involved with the former Hong Kong star.

As for what happened at Warner Music - she has since moved back to her old label, EMI - Elva told The New Paper that it was out of her control. 'These things can happen to anyone. It has happened to other singers as well,' she said. And the other 'unlucky' incidents are all very much in the past, she insisted.


Given her crazy schedule, Elva likes to stay at home and chill out. Whenever she is not busy with promoting her album or performing, she likes to watch television and surf the Internet. 'There are so many movies I would like to catch up on,' she said. 'When I was having my make-up put on, HBO was showing that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock film (The Lake House). I really want to watch that.'

And speaking of films, Elva has confirmed that she has been in talks with several Hong Kong directors. Fans would remember her brief cameo in Internal Affairs 1 as Tony Leung's girlfriend. 'Movies are another thing I want to experience. For a singer to cross over into movies is difficult. 'I want to make sure that if it happens it will be good for my image,' she said.

As for her love life, she claims she is not seeing anyone at the moment. 'Even if I am, I don't think I can tell you,' she said with a mischievous smile. She does get to romance hunky Korean co-star Jang Hyuk (Dance Of A Dragon) in the music video for her ballad, Impulse. But she immediately nixed any suggestion of a link-up between them. 'He was very professional and quiet. My heart didn't even skip a beat as I was too busy concentrating on the shoot,' she said.

But she hopes to settle down eventually. 'Sooner or later, I think that special person will be in my heart,' she said.

That was probably Cryptic Elva speaking.

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