Elva is Not Afraid of Being Hurt

Singer Elva

Some people belong to the stage.

Standing on the stage, with the music coming on, every single move is stunning – that is the impression that Elva gave me. I love to see her perform her dance numbers, the confidence that she exudes from her eyes and body movement is surprisingly mesmerizing.

“I have a very strong urge to perform,” she emphasized, “Being on stage is the most comfortable feeling that I have as a singer.”

She said that she was a shy girl when she was young, and only discovered her desire for applause and recognition on stage after she became a singer. “My heart will beat very quickly, and I will feel very exhilarated, like being in love!”

Her debut album “Elva Hsiao” catapulted her to instant stardom, with sales of her subsequent albums showing impressive figures. What looked like a smooth and successful singing career was met with a setback in 2005.

Her grand arrival to Warner Music Taiwan was upset by an organizational restructuring, causing the delay of her album release. Eventually, when she managed to release her album “1087” in end 2006, she suffered a leg injury which prompted a stop to all her promotional events.
When asked if the above two incidents were the biggest setback in her music career, she laughed: “Of course not! I had met many challenges before I entered the industry; it’s just that they were not reported. Just because the two events were reported by the media as a setback does not mean they are. It’s very subjective actually.”

But she admits that she was crestfallen during her recovery. Besides not able to dance, she was worried that she would be forgotten or be replaced. As an optimist, she quickly overcame those feelings. “What had happened has happened, so I put all my efforts in rehabilitation to get more performing opportunities in the future. I believe that if I work hard to improve myself and I have the talent, I would not be forgotten by others.”

Actress Elva

Recently, the media has reported that she was meeting three famous directors in Hong Kong, and her manager revealed that she would be filming a movie next year. When probed for further details, Elva said: “Everything is still in negotiation, so it’s not convenient for me to reveal anything now.”

Will she choose a role that is different from her character in order to differentiate from her role as a singer? “As long as it’s not exaggerating,” Will she mind being ugly? “It depends if it’s worth it.”

We find that she is suitable for city-slickers films like “Sex and the City”, she said: “I feel that it’s difficult for an Asian country to produce this kind of movie. But I would like to be like Carrie, because every woman wants to find their Mr. Big!”
Lover Elva

Elva had been blindly in love and confessed that she was deeply hurt, “I will be more careful and slow down to take a good look.” She had revealed in an interview with a Apple Daily that her biggest love was with Sunny Wang. She had given up her role in “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and was prepared to get married. But eventually they broke up because he was two-timing.”

Talking about this relationship, she gave a smile: “I was really hurt at that time, but I have no feelings now. Actually thanks to this experience, I know how to choose the right person now.”
On the relationship scale, there’s no such thing as doing it for what it is worth, so she said: “I don’t regret what I have done. It’s just that fate has ended. Love does not always have a happy ending, the most important thing is that it has given me many great moments.”

What lies beneath this singer, is a girl who desires love.

“As a woman, what’s wrong with being in love? But for a singer, being in love is like committing a crime. Some things which you naturally do in love, are just a dream for me. I feel that it’s unhealthy and I hope to face my relationship realistically,” suddenly, she gave a smile: “Maybe I will even tell you that I’m getting married tomorrow!”

What’s her love life now? She smiled coyly: “Let nature take its course. I will myself know more people and allow myself to have more choices. I will date sometimes, but it’s still too early to say anything.” Will she have reservations for love? “I’m not afraid of being hurt,” she replied firmly, “I believe I can paint a picture of love that I really want.”

Lastly, when asked about the reports that said she would be releasing a book that talked about her catching her boyfriend red-handed, she said: “I don’t know where that story came from. I don’t even know I had experienced that!”

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