3-Faced Elva Music Showcase

Amazing - one word that could describe Elva in her performance last night in Singapore.

Elva was in town recently to promote her latest album, 3-Faced Elva, and she held a free music showcase in Singapore Expo - Max Pavilion, with more than 4000 people filling up the whole auditorium. This was Elva's first big scale performance in almost 5 years in Singapore, after a period of hiatus and a spade of bad luck that befell her.
The showcase started with Elva dishing out her dance number More More More. Her presence was clearly missed by many of her fans with the high-decibel screams that greeted her. Then she followed up with the hit ballad Impulsive from her latest album.
The showcase was lightened up midway with a special treat for Elva fans. Those who found covers of 3-Faced Elva beneath their seats were invited on stage for a talent competition. The 6 people were divided into 2 groups, each having their representative. The first contestant surprised everyone with his dance from More More More and received huge applause from the floor. The other contestant was a little nervous and it made Elva pretty worried for him as he kept fanning himself using the cardboard cover. He managed to deliver the song Impulsive with the help of Elva, but it was not enough to win the competition. Eventually, everyone walked away with at least a handphone set.
Elva started the second part of the showcase with her hit ballads from previous years - I Love You So Much, which she sang together with another fan on stage, and The Most Familiar Stranger. She said that this showcase was almost like a concert, but unfortunately she would only be singing a few songs, but she assured everyone that she would be holding a concert next year. Then she belted her favourite song from the album - Similar to Love.
The showcase ended with I'll Be There, and hopefully Elva will be at Singapore Indoor Stadium next year.
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