Online Interview with Elva

Since her release of her album, “3-Faced Elva” has received rave reviews. Recently, she had an online interview with a Taiwan music website, where questions were gathered from online forums and discussion board.
One of the questions asked by many of her fans was when her concert would be held. She replied: “It’s still in the discussion phase. I’m hoping that it would be next spring. Of course there will be one in Taipei. I really hope to meet everyone as soon as possible.”

Talking about the latest singing contest fever, where anyone can have their own stage, Elva shared what she thinks a singer should possess: “I feel that a singer should be determined and with a mind to challenge himself. Actually being a singer is tiring, not only on stage, but also many behind the scene involvement. To grow up in this industry, one needs to be extra hardworking.”
During the interview, she also revealed that she had a great time working with Khalil Fong the other time, and would love to receive his songs in the future.

Further into the interview, she talked about her skincare regime, which is to drink more water, take sufficient vitamins, exercise regularly and take bubble baths, because bubble baths allows one to relax and gives better complexion!

She taught her female fans the technique for eye makeup. The key is to practice and the false eyelashes should be natural and not too exaggerating. If one does not wear false eyelashes, she could wear mascara, cover up her dark circles and apply eyeliner to make her eyes more beautiful.

Lastly, in the round of quick answers, Elva said if she sees someone she likes she would appear cool; if God want to take back her vocals, she would use her white complexion for exchange. When asked about her relaxation method, she said “bubble bath, eating, sleeping, complaining to friends and talking on the phone.”

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