Elva Falls Ill for Concert

Due to her hectic schedule and her busy rehearsals for the celebration tonight, Elva had over-exhausted herself and had symptoms of exhaustion, anemia and heat-stroke. After seeing a doctor, he said that these are symptoms before a cold. Suffering from a mild sore throat, Elva is especially worried about her concert.

After her 6-hour long rehearsal that day, she went to see a doctor, accompanied by her co-workers. Passersby who had seen her described her as looking pale and sickly. Although there were many patients in the clinic, she did not receive any special treatment. After taking a jab to boost her immunity, she left the clinic within half an hour, still looking very frail.
The concert tonight will be her last free concert before her official concert in Taipei next June. As she put in all her effort in practicing the dance and rehearsing for eight hours every day, the workload had put a toll on her as she became very nervous, even stretching herself during her wait at the clinic.

Initially, her co-workers wanted to take her to a traditional Chinese scraping therapy, but she was afraid that the marks from the therapy would scare her fans off, so she declined it.

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