3-Faced Elva Celebration Concert

The night was dazzling in Taichung last night as Elva held her celebration concert for her “3-Faced Elva” album, which has sold more than 700,000 copies in Asia.

Opening the concert with the song “More More More”, Elva wore a striking blue half-cut top, revealing ample cleavage in a sparkling black brassiere. Wearing her self-made diamond studded shades, she could hardly see and nearly fell off the stage during the final rehearsal. Noticing such potential danger, her managing company immediately made a marking on stage and bought a NT$80m insurance for her!
After warming up the crowd, she invited two professional basketball players to perform her next dance number “Hey Girl”. The crowd was exhilarated when the players had to carry Elva in their arms during the dance.
Next, belting out her hit ballads “Impulsive” and “Similar to Love”, Elva changed into a yellow gown, mesmerizing the crowd with her mid-range vocals.
The mayor of Taichung and his wive came to support Elva, and the they managed to help the physically challenged to raised funds by selling 100 boxes of mooncakes specially made by "Eden Garden", a club formed by a group of physically diasbled people. The mayor was touched by Elva's concerned when he was injured in an accident two years ago, and Elva said: "I still remember watching the mayor on TV wearing a red polo tee, and I told my mum that I want my the other half to look like him in the future!"
Elva quickly changed into her black corset outfit which was revealed a few days ago to perform more fast-tempo hits like “Profession” and “Baby Girl”. As the crowd screamed louder, Elva performed even harder to wow her fans.
Besides singing songs from her latest album, she also performed many of her past hits, including “Theme Song of Love” and “Spokesperson”, wearing a white singlet with red tight pants that brought emotions of her fans to a new high!
For her encore song “I’ll Be There”, Elva changed into her last outfit which gave her a casual chic look, pairing simple white singlet skinny jeans.
Costing more than NT$700, 000, this concert would be her last free concert before she sets foot in Taipei for her concert tour next June.

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