Elva Judges Dance Competition

To celebrate the success of her latest album “3-Faced Elva”, Elva will be holding a celebration concert on 9 August. For this concert, EMI selected a few innovative dancers from the dance competition held yesterday, and these dancers will join Elva in her dance numbers.
At the event, Elva demonstrated her dance for “Compatibility” (速配程度). Seeing the “KUSO”costume of the contestants, she was shocked as one male contestant even cross dressed in order to deliver his performance in perfection.
As a singing contestant way back in Vancouver, she advised them to be psychologically prepared and not be too nervous or be over prepared. The most important thing is to take everything easily, or else unexpected things may crop up.
Termed as a Rain Goddess because 50% of her events would rain, Elva’s record company was pretty worried. Not only did they offer incense to the gods, they did not speak a word about rain. Fortunately, it did not rain during the event, but there was a upcoming typhoon heading towards Taiwan, causing everyone to joked that Elva has elevated her status to become a typhoon goddess!
There was a small hiccup before the event. As the company had arranged for the sale of Elva’s albums near the stage, the police deemed it to be illegal and Elva’s manager had a minor argument with the police.

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