Elva Dances Cha Cha in Latest MV

Elva dances cha cha in her latest music video “Compatibility” (速配程度)!

On the day of the filming, she had to wear a 6kg gold necklace, gathering all attention to her busting cleavage. With such heavy weight on her, Elva complained: “The necklace kept moving during the dance, so I had to hold my chest up, it’s tiring!”

As for the dance, she only took 30 minutes to master it; the main dance for the song is cha cha, but the special part of the dance is that the movements are from left to right, different from the normal cha cha which moves front to back.
In the music video, Elva took on the role of a love instructor. To symbolise her power, the director specially rented a humvee to boost her image.

Source: apple daily

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