Elva: I'm Not Sexy but I'm Beautiful

In her latest album, 3-Faced Elva, Elva showed that she can be very sexy too. But she admitted: “I don’t like to dress sexily and I also don’t like to show any cleavage, because I would feel very uneasy.” From her experiences, she believed that baring too much will only invite guys who only thinks from the lower half of their body, so she felt that being sexy is not showing skin, but a feeling developed from your inner self. In the past, she was afraid to show off her legs, but for this album, she wore a tight shorts that revealed her long legs. “Thanks to Beyonce. Because I always loved to compare my legs with other models in the magazines, so I felt very inferior to them. But after looking at Beyonce leg contour and her confidence, I felt that there’s no need to be too skinny. I love my body, and my beauty comes from within.”

Elva also loves to go to the beach “I prefer strapless bikini to avoid tanlines!” She was not afraid of exposing herself while wearing a strapless bikini “I don’t know how to swim, so I only dip myself in the sea for a while. There’s no worry of exposing myself!” Elva stressed that she relied on running and dancing to maintain her figure and she recommended girls to do stretching exercises more often. This is because she felt that when the muscles are loosen, the whole body will tightened and your body will be more slender.

Elva also revealed that she is very vain and loves fashion to the core. Every month, she would spend more than NT$10,000 on fashion magazines. So she plans to start a fashion magazine in the future and be the chief editor. For now, she is looking for a suitable partner to collaborate. She said that on her trip to France, she spent more than NT$1m on clothes. “Everything was so cheap at that time, but now I couldn’t even use most of them.”

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